Vehicle financing – whether electronic or private?

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Vehicle financing – whether electronic or private?

Today I would like to take a quick look at our writing workshop, the latest issue of the year is about to be printed. One of the main topics is: what strategies will the automotive banks pursue 2019? On- and off-line – these two keywords are a central component of the year picture 2019, as the Autobank managing directors painted it last year.

An example “online”: Prisoners and non-captives want to invest generously here – from lead processing, the fully digitized application path through the electronic floor check to telematics-based services. But also “off-line”, according to the strategy of the financial institutions of 2019, should have plenty of time. The car banks will not make it without top sellers at the point of sale, who have motivated and well-trained financial service providers.

The requirements which car banks will meet with car dealerships next year will be described in detail in number 23-24 / 18, which will be on your table the next day.

Car financing?

Car financing?

So when I accuse myself of bad parenting for funding, I am limitless. If I have 40,000 on the high edge because I did not pay my car in cash, will I be there? In my example, I speak of far less than 500? / Month, which applies to the car.

Including fuel, insurance, taxes, financing ….. If you are all so committed to capital that you can save 60,000 within 3 years without having to accept any further restrictions then thank you very much. But I also do not feel like driving an “old” car. Even if a few doubters predict unhappy parents ….?!

Car financing – rate suspension possible?

So, my friend has now prevailed and called and received the following statement: A reprieve is at most for 3 months over the full monthly price maker. The credit is subsequently made at the base rate or becomes the key rate if this is not available. It is also possible to conclude a new installment, but here it is that a new financial contract has to be concluded with the dealer (where you bought the car).


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